Coaching Staff:

  • Manager: James Gannon
  • Assistant Manager: Dave Conlon
  • First Team Coach: Mike Flynn
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Jordan Felgate
  • Physio: Nick McCarthy
  • Kit Man: Richard Landon
  • Strength & Conditioning: Nick Donnelly
  • Youth Development Director: Alan Lord

First Team: 

  1. Ben Hinchliffe
  2. Ian Ormson
  3. Chris Smalley
  4. Connor Hampson
  5. Dan Cowan
  6. Jordan Downing
  7. Michael Clarke
  8. Sam Minihan
  9. Stephen O’Halloran
  10. Scott Duxbury
  11. Tom Whitty
  12. Harry Brazel
  13. Harry Winter
  14. Bohan Dixon
  15. Sam Walker
  16. Adam Etches
  17. Gary Stopforth
  18. Adam Thomas
  19. George West
  20. James Ball
  21. Matty Warburton
  22. Darren Stephenson
  23. Tom Walker
  24. Jason Oswell

Click here to view statistics for the 2016/17 season and the 2017/18 season.


Alan Lord currently runs the Stockport County Pro Football Academy, click here to view their website.

*All information is correct as of 12/09/2017


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