Prediction League

Everything Hatters Prediction League



**Click here for the current Prediction League table**

Predict the attendance and the score of each County game.

  • 3 points for choosing the correct team to win (County to win/draw/lose)
  • 5 points for choosing the correct scoreline (2-1, 0-1 etc. Must be the correct way – e.g. County to win 2-1 will not get you any points if County lose 2-1).
  • 10 points for correct attendance (to the nearest 10 people – e.g. 3540 will be correct if 3550 people attend).
  • Make your predictions before the game starts (3pm/7.45pm) on here or the Twitter/Facebook posts.
  • The league will be updated ASAP after every County game.
  • If you have a query with the amount of points you have received, please raise it before the league table is updated for the following match. Otherwise, your claim cannot be verified.
  • Names of each player will be displayed in a league table, if you don’t want your name shown, please inform the league organiser.

Click below for the prediction league results from current and previous seasons:


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