2016/17 NLN Average Attendances

We compiled data from a number of different websites including football web pages and The Linnets to determine a list of average attendances for the 2016/2017 season.

Notable mentions should include AFC Fylde, who improved their attendance by 275% on last season and Salford City, who achieved 117% improvement on their 2015/16 attendance.

County can also be pleased with a 12% jump whilst the FC United hierarchy may be worred with a 21% drop in support last season.

  1. Stockport County – 3,477
  2. FC United of Manchester – 2,660
  3. FC Halifax Town – 2,156
  4. AFC Fylde – 1,961
  5. Kidderminster Harriers – 1,837
  6. Darlington 1883 – 1,739
  7. Chorley – 1,454
  8. Salford City – 1,430
  9. AFC Telford United – 1,182
  10. Altrincham – 1,149
  11. Boston United – 1,081
  12. Harrogate Town – 901
  13. Tamworth – 825
  14. Worcester City – 636
  15. Nuneaton Town – 626
  16. Gainsborough Trinity – 612
  17. Stalybridge – 569
  18. Alfreton Town – 546
  19. Gloucester City – 483
  20. Bradford Park Avenue – 453
  21. Brackley Town – 427
  22. Curzon Ashton – 405

In addition, the teams that were relegated/promoted to the league had the following average attendances:

  • York City – 2,558
  • North Ferriby United – 615
  • Southport – 1,140
  • Blyth Spartans – 648
  • Spennymoor Town – 623


Stability is key, and it’ll get us promoted

For the first time since 2007, it seems as though Stockport County has some form of stability from the top down. Admittedly, it’s still feels as though a strong gust of wind could take our football club away from us. But, with an apparently healthy financial situation, coupled with the securing of Jim Gannon as manager until 2019, it looks as though we’re finally heading in the right direction.

It’s rare that a player or manager gets a 3 year contract at this level, clubs just don’t like to function that far in advance unless they’re sure it brings a return of investment. Even the star players in a team only get contracts of up to 12 months. So it’s simple testament to how highly regarded Jim is by the board, players and fans that he’s been given this contract by the club. It means that Gannon can now kick on without fearing for his long-term future, whilst ensuring that if (god forbid) he does get poached by a team higher up the footballing pyramid, we will receive adequate compensation for his services. There is unfortunately no bosman ruling on managers under the age of 54, so protecting our assets should and does extend to our manager, if we feel that we’ve god a good’un.

What does this mean on the pitch? Well, it’s no secret that the longer a manager is in place, the more likely the club is to be successful. Obviously, this does not always happen and there’s always a risk involved, but I believe that many County fans are happy to see this out with Jim and the lads for the long haul.


It may not be this year, it may not even be next year. But I am 100% confident that Gannon will get us out of this division if he’s given the time and adequate resource. Managers don’t often work miracles and it will need a healthy budget to ensure we’re competing at the top end of the table. But I am much more confident that Jim would spend our money wisely than I was with some of our former managers.

Today is a good day for County, and I truly believe that we will look back in 2 and a half years time and say that the right choice was made.




Watershed Moments

Last night, County lost 2-1 at home to AFC Fylde, a team that has previously averaged about 300 people per home game and has never been higher than the National League North. It is a game that would typically represent everything that County supporters have come to hate about the league we currently find ourselves in. A tricky match against a ‘village team’. What an absolute embarrassment, right?

And yet this game was arguably the best and most entertaining match of the season so far. And we lost. At home. To Fylde.

Why was it so enjoyable then? Well, for starters, our players gave everything. Considering where we’ve been, they’re clearly not the best players to ever represent Stockport County but they gave everything yesterday. Absolutely everything. The fans responded to this commitment and created the best Edgeley Park atmosphere I can remember in a good few years, that makes such a difference and probably got us Scott Spencer’s equaliser.

One of the reasons County have struggled in this division is because they’re quite clearly the elephant in the room. The massive fish in the desperately small pond. This in itself is not an issue but when you’re a club that has thrived on being the underdog, the proud and plucky club competing against 9 professional clubs in and around Manchester,  this new label suddenly becomes quite a tricky one to handle.

As fans, it’s pretty tricky to get riled, roused and fired up for a game at home to Brackley, Vauxhall Motors or Colwyn Bay. As a result the atmosphere is sometimes very flat and on more than one occasion the teams have taken 1 or 3 points away from us when they should have had none.

But yesterday, I think a lot of County fans had a bit of an epiphany. We are the underdogs. We are a club that has been punched, pushed and kicked to the ground so many times that we don’t really know which way to turn anymore. We are the club that is still alive, against all the odds we still have a team, pulling in crowds of three thousand people per game. That is ridiculous at this level.

We need to embrace the fact that everyone is against us. The referees, the opposition and the league. They all want to see us fall, fail and in the ground. The only thing we have is ourselves. We need to unite at every opportunity because the best teams in the league can’t deal with us when we’re working as one. We saw that yesterday.

Three thousand people united, to achieve one collective goal, is something that no other team in this league can match. So going forward, let’s use that to our advantage like we did last night against the Manchester City of non-league.

Animo et fide.

Stockport_County_Logo_2014 (1)

New Manager: Who’s been mentioned?

So all rumours mills have been cranked up to the overdrive setting as twitter, Facebook, Yellowboard and County Heaven ponder the identity of our next manager. Here are some of the candidates that fans are mentioning:

Jim Gannon: 

Many supporters sight him as being the only successful manager we’ve had in the last 15 years. That, and the fact he’s clearly passionate for County and managing at a similar/lower level at the moment means it really could happen again. Whether the current board at the club would work with Jim is another story, but if a clash of egos was an issue, then it would be in the board’s best financial interests to put any differences aside.

Mike Flynn: 

One of the best County players of the last few generations. Loved by all fans and currently involved in the club in a coaching setting. This, along with the fact that the club seem to know who they’re going to appoint, could suggest that Mike Flynn will have some role/have the role. Some fans aren’t sure he’d be ready for the position, although look at what employing an experienced, proven manager got us…

As it stands, with the news we have available, it looks like Mike Flynn is the favourite. 

More to be added as news develops…

Fantastic news!

Stockport County fans can finally relax after the decision by Stockport Council to purchase Edgeley Park.

The ‘Undisclosed fee’ was later announced to be 2 million pounds.

The council knew that the Hatters were financially stable and in response to serious interest from a third party, who may have had plans to demolish the ground, have decided to purchase the ground from Cheshire Sports (subject to due diligence). 

This has been the news County fans have been waiting for many years, so it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the start of a new start for the boys in blue. 

Animo Et Fide.

Council to Purchase Edgeley Park?

The council have released a statement noting their intention, subject to ‘due diligence’, to purchase Edgeley Park. This is a plan that ‘won’t cost the taxpayers a penny’ and is supported by all facets of the council. If this progresses, it could be the best news County fans have had in years and could really see the start of some serious progression both on and off the pitch.

The full statement released by the council can be seen here: Council Statement.

If anyone wants more information on the subject, MEN reporter Todd Fitzgerald seems to be pretty clued up on the subject, you can find his Twitter here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.13.57

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.15.59

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 17.14.14

Fingers crossed this isn’t just another false dawn!

Sign the Petition: Protect Edgeley Park

You’ve probably read the MEN article detailing that an unidentified 3rd party is looking into purchasing EP, this could be a disaster for County and a petition has been set up aiming to ‘protect Edgeley Park’ from unwanted interest. In response to this interest, the local council have brought an emergency meeting forward for this Wednesday aimed at making a decision on whether to put in a council-fronted bid for the ground. Therefore, a ‘yes’ vote by councillors this Wednesday could be the best thing to happen to County for a long time and it is important that County supporters interests and views are represented in a respectable and clear manner. For this reason, I’d urge everyone to sign the petition on Change.org and ensure our views are represented at the council meeting this Wednesday. There’s currently 1200 signatures but we need more! 

Here’s an extract from the petition which can be found at this link… 

“I call on Stockport Council to do everything in their power to stop the third party ‘developers’ from gaining ownership, even if it means purchasing the ground themselves. The club is a community asset and it should not be left at the hands of ‘developers’ who have the intention of removing SCFC from their home and knocking down the ground.

This petition is a message to all councillors that the people of Stockport will not stand by and watch one the towns most iconic landmarks become rubble. Edgeley Park = Stockport County”