Write For Us

What started out as a fan account on Twitter has turned into a regular blog, a facebook page and an active Twitter account. But County is a big club and we want to provide more for the thousands of County fans out there.

Everything Hatters is looking for people to write for us. Every County fan out there hopes that the next season will be a successful one, and we’d like to be covering it from every angle. Not just the boardroom approved angle that the official County website presents us with. We want to present a serious, funny, sarcastic and (it wouldn’t be county without it) a pedantic slant on our views.

If you think you’re the person to provide this then keep reading. You don’t need experience, obviously it helps if you can read, write and type! But the main attribute we want is that your County mad! We’d like someone who can be creative with their articles, who can provide different features and content for our blog, facebook and Twitter account.

There’s no money involved, the website isn’t there to make money. We started it because we love County, and we’d like those of you who feel the same to help contribute to make this the best and number 1 fan run site for County content.

To get in touch, you can email us at Everythinghatters@hotmail.com. Alternatively tweet/direct message us on one of our social media accounts!

We look forward to hearing from you.


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