Gannon hopeful of hybrid training model

Stockport County manager Jim Gannon yesterday confirmed that the club was on course to become a part/full-time hybrid club, as he looks to add a fourth day of training in 2018.

The County manager, who attended the official fans forum last night, also claimed that he was now looking only to add players to his side that had the potential to go full-time in the future.

A number of players, including Jason Oswell, Ben Hinchliffe and Matty Warburton all currently retain full-time jobs alongside their football so would potentially have to leave the club if a new model was introduced.

But Gannon was keen to stress that a flexible approach was needed moving forward.

‘We don’t want to lose the best part-time players’, he told fans at the forum last night.

‘We have spoken to some players keen to sign part-time contract extensions, so we do have to look at a different structure’.

The news will have been welcomed by many County fans, with the majority wanting to return to full-time football as soon as possible.

With thanks to Sam Byrne and others for providing updates of the evening via twitter. 





One comment

  1. It’s a half step towards where we want to be. Extra training for those who can have it can only help. Retaining the likes of Hinchliffe, Oswell, and Warburton, though, is essential. Accommodating them is surely just good sense.

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