Stopforth still awaiting international clearance

After re-signing for the club earlier in August, Gary Stopforth is still awaiting international clearance from FIFA before being able to make his second competitive debut for the club.

The former Salford midfielder, who spent seven months out in Australia, returned to play for The Hatters early last week.

But thanks to the notoriously slow international clearance law, it might be another week or two before Stopforth can pull on a County shirt competitively.

The rulings, designed to avoid confusion and duplication of player contracts between clubs and governing bodies from different countries, is a relatively straight forward process in theory.

But the inability for clubs to get in contact with their governing body, and vice versa, often mean the process is a painfully slow one.

Just two years previously, Wrexham’s Kayden Jackson was on-course to sign for The Hatters on loan, but the lack of response from FIFA prompted The Hatters to cancel the deal. The striker later went on to sign a two-year contract with Championship club Barnsley.

But with a number of injuries to an already fragile first team squad, County fans will be hoping that clearance comes through sooner rather than later.


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