New BPA pricing structure will cost County fans

Bradford Park Avenue’s controversial new pricing structure will affect County fans as the club this summer opted to run different ticket prices according to game ‘category’.


The system, which will give BPA the cheapest ticket costs in the league to select teams, has been met with a mixed reaction from Avenue fans and County supporters alike.

Category B tickets will cost supporters only £9 for an adult but it is the increased £13 cost for category A games that Hatters supporters will likely have to endure.

This has been done to ‘cover any extra costs undertaken by the club regarding extra stewarding and any extra facilities which may be required’, the club told supporters on the official BPA website. 

Whether this will affect the number of travelling supporters from Cheshire remains to be seen, but in the past this has not gone down well, with many from County actively avoiding a Tamworth fixture a couple of years ago which had also resulted in a price increase.




    • There’s two ways to look at it, BPA do provide extra facilities such as a beer tent/toilets etc to accommodate the supporters. But it’s whether that deserves an increase in price or whether the money can be gained through extra supporters in the first place.

      • Well unless they plan to lower the price of food and drink to balance it out then I’d definitely stick with my initial feeling that they’re trying to fleece us. I wonder how they’d feel if we did the same to them?

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