Twitter Rumours: Montrose to AFC Fylde?

There’s been a few rumours spread over the past week that Lewis Montrose is off to AFC Fylde next season. Whilst there’s no substantiated evidence of this being the case, the rumour came to a head on Tuesday afternoon when Fylde’s twitter account announced they’d be revealing their new signing. Here’s what we know so far:


RUMOUR: Lewis Montrose is off to Fylde

A number of fans on various social media outlets have sworn that this is true (none have given a source for the info). An Alfreton fan also replied to the tweet below stating that Montrose would be signing for Fylde shortly. Whilst, as we said, there is no evidence for any of this information, it appears to be too common a thought to be a fake rumour.

RUMOUR: We will only get £15,000 for the sale

Another one that has been touted by a few different people as concrete information but not backed up by any claims or sources. The rumour is that Montrose’s contract includes a buy out clause of £15,000 and the club has to sell (with the player’s wishes) to any team that matches this figure.

RUMOUR: Montrose wouldn’t sign a contract without the aforementioned clause

No evidence again for this except message board hearsay. But, if true, then it puts the club between a rock and hard place. If County refused the terms suggested above when dealing with Lewis’ contract, then Montrose would have been free to leave at the end of the season for free (the same way that Danny Lloyd was). If they accept, then they can only get a maximum of £15,000 for a player that is worth much more.

Never nice to see the club lose their best players, but from all accounts it appears we don’t have a choice in the matter. Lewis Montrose will most likely have been offered good terms as well as the security of a two and a half year deal, but the sad fact is that AFC Fylde have a level of financial backing that we can’t match.

Could the club do more to keep him? Maybe. Could the club offer full-time football and the wages to match? Probably not. If you were a player, would you leave to a club that could offer you that? Almost certainly, yes.

If true, the club now need to show some serious commitment to getting us out of this division or the sale of season tickets will almost certainly become a struggle over the next few weeks.

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