10 Questions with: Mark Ross

Chris Crook asked Mark Ross ten questions, take a look at his answers below:

Q1- Whats your favourite moment so far at County?

Doing the double over Salford.

Q2- Who’s the worst dresser on the team?

Very good team to be fair, I’m happy with the standard.

Q3- What’s your favourite food?

A cheeky Nandos!

Q4- What team do you support?

Manchester United.

Q5- What’s your favourite goal of your footballing career so far?

I don’t score a lot only worldies once a season, probably the half-way line against marine.

Q6- What do you love most about Stockport County?

The atmosphere after we win at Edgeley Park

Q7- Whats your all time favourite song?

Think I will go with Kings of Leon, Sex is on Fire.

Q8- Do you think County will make the Play-offs come the end of the season?

Yes, 100% as long as we kick on second half of season like we want to.

Q9- If you didn’t happen to be a footballer, what would you be?

I run a fitness business alongside my Football and enjoy it a lot, so I would like to think something similar!

Q10- Where do you see yourself In 5 years time.

Obviously I’d love to be playing full time football a few leagues above, ideally with Stockport County, that would be amazing!

Many thanks to Mark for your answers!

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