10 Questions with: Jimmy Ball

Chris Crook asked Jimmy Ball 10 questions following his fantastic performance in County’s 3-0 win over Altrincham. We’ll be releasing a number of these over the xmas break. Read Danny Lloyd’s here.

Ball signed from Stalybridge just a week after scoring for Celtic against the Hatters. Photo courtesy of Mike Petch and stockportcounty.com 

Q1- Whats your favourite moment so far at County?

1. Scoring for the first time at EP.

 Q2- Who’s the worst dresser on the team?

2. Sam Minihan

Q3- What’s your favourite food?

3. Peppercorn Steak

Q4- What team do you support?

4. Arsenal

Q5- What’s your favourite goal of your footballing career so far?

5. FA cup first round goal. 

County players celebrate with the crowd following Jimmy Ball’s opener against Woking in the FA Cup first round. Photo courtesy of the Guardian. 

Q6- What do you love most about Stockport County?

6. Atmosphere

Q7- Whats your all time favourite song?

7. Where is the love

Q8- Do you think County make the Play-offs come the end of the season?

8. Yes definitely

Q9- If you didn’t happen to be a footballer, what would you be?

9. Single 😂

 Q10- Where do you see yourself In 5 years time.

10. Playing league football.

Many thanks to Jimmy Ball for the answers!

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