Stability is key, and it’ll get us promoted

For the first time since 2007, it seems as though Stockport County has some form of stability from the top down. Admittedly, it’s still feels as though a strong gust of wind could take our football club away from us. But, with an apparently healthy financial situation, coupled with the securing of Jim Gannon as manager until 2019, it looks as though we’re finally heading in the right direction.

It’s rare that a player or manager gets a 3 year contract at this level, clubs just don’t like to function that far in advance unless they’re sure it brings a return of investment. Even the star players in a team only get contracts of up to 12 months. So it’s simple testament to how highly regarded Jim is by the board, players and fans that he’s been given this contract by the club. It means that Gannon can now kick on without fearing for his long-term future, whilst ensuring that if (god forbid) he does get poached by a team higher up the footballing pyramid, we will receive adequate compensation for his services. There is unfortunately no bosman ruling on managers under the age of 54, so protecting our assets should and does extend to our manager, if we feel that we’ve god a good’un.

What does this mean on the pitch? Well, it’s no secret that the longer a manager is in place, the more likely the club is to be successful. Obviously, this does not always happen and there’s always a risk involved, but I believe that many County fans are happy to see this out with Jim and the lads for the long haul.


It may not be this year, it may not even be next year. But I am 100% confident that Gannon will get us out of this division if he’s given the time and adequate resource. Managers don’t often work miracles and it will need a healthy budget to ensure we’re competing at the top end of the table. But I am much more confident that Jim would spend our money wisely than I was with some of our former managers.

Today is a good day for County, and I truly believe that we will look back in 2 and a half years time and say that the right choice was made.




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