The FA Trophy: What’s at stake?

Following our defeat to Woking in the FA Cup earlier this month, County’s ambitions to play at Wembley this season rest on their performances in the FA trophy. Starting with a home tie against Bradford PA.

‘But who really cares about the FA trophy?’ is the cry from many County fans. ‘It’s a non-league competition, if we take it seriously we’ve accepted non-league’. A fair argument. So what benefits would County have from taking this competition seriously?

The Buildbase FA Trophy

Chance to play at Wembley: 

Clubs from the leagues immediately below the Football League had no realistic chance of playing in a Wembley Final before the FA Council decided to start an ‘FA Challenge Trophy’ competition in 1969. It was open to all non-Football League clubs registering professional players.

The FA

The finalist will get the chance to play at Wembley, a goal for every british footballer these days. County fans would make a good day out of the trip too!

The Prize Money: 

The prize money is not quite as lucrative as the FA Cup but still nothing to be sniffed at! You can find details of the money Stockport could take if they win each round below:


Third Round Qualifying winners(40) – £4,000

First Round Proper winners(32) – £5,000

Second Round Proper winners(16) – £6,000

Third Round Proper winners(8) – £7,000

Fourth Round Proper winners(4) – £8,000

Semi Final winners(2) – £16,000

Final runners-up(1) – £25,000

Final winners(1) – £50,000

If County can go far in the competition, there’s no doubt it could have positive effects on our league campaign, similar to our good form during the FA Cup run earlier in the season. It might also bring funds in to ensure a striker/attacking player to add to the goals.

One comment

  1. Nearly £100k for going all the way and winning it. I’d say that’s incentive enough! Those County fans saying they don’t want us to win it or ‘it means we’ve accepted non-league’ need to stop being so narrow-minded and pompous. I want to see Stockport County winning trophies and I don’t care what trophies they are. We all want to be back in the Football League, but until we are, why not do all we can while we’re here? It’s common bloody sense! It’s time for our fans to drop the attitude and get used to where we are; perhaps even try and embrace it…

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