FA Cup: What’s at stake?

County host Bishop Auckland tomorrow in what could be their most important game of the season to date. If County can overcome ‘the two blues’, then they’ll reach the first round of the FA cup for the first time since losing to Southend in 2012. It’ll also be the first time County have won 3 FA Cup games in a row since they went all the way to the quarter finals in 2001 before losing to Tottenham 4-0.


So what actually is at stake tomorrow for County?

Well, first of all, the £12,500 prize money for the winners of the round is something that’s definitely not to be sniffed at. In fact, if County can win tomorrow they’ll have a accumulated just short of £25,000 in prize money, that’s without counting any gate receipts from the 2 home games.

Secondly, BT Sports begin to televise games once the first round begins, and with County ranked in the lower half of the teams left in the draw, they’d have a good chance of being televised if they were to pull in a home tie against a league 1 or 2 club (BT Sports tends to prefer to televise games where the lower ranked team is at home).


Finally, in simple terms. We’d only be 2 rounds away from pulling one of the ‘big boys’ in a third round match. If County were to get an away tie at a premier league club such as City, United or Liverpool, it would likely sort the club out financially for the next 5 years.

So all in all, a lot at stake. Come on County!

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