10 Things County fans will be thinking during pre-season

County fans are loyal to a fault and will always back their team, but what will you all be thinking this pre-season as Jim Gannon attempts to assemble a team capable of taking us out of this godforsaken division? Well luckily Everything Hatters has the answer, keep on reading to find out the 10 things that every County fan will have in their head this pre-season.

  • ‘I wonder if we’ll play with wingers this season… I really miss having wingers in our team’ – It’s a fact that County rarely play with out-and-out wingers, despite a plethora of managers during the last 10 years it’s not been a point of our game. Will that change this season? Probably not, Gannon was never one to play 4-4-2.
  • ‘I’ll definitely not get a new home shirt this year, it’s an outrage that every season they ask supporters to shell out another £35 after buying their season tick… Oh my! That shirt is the best one in years, wonder when it’s released???’ – Don’t even deny that you’ll not be getting a new kit this year, you do it EVERY year!
‘But just look at it!’
  • ‘Why are all County’s pre-season friendlies shit? We should be playing teams a few divisions higher up than County to get the crowds in and test ourselves, not having matches against teams like Rochdale. Oh, wait a minute…’  – Face it guys, we’re conference north now, the teams that are ‘a few divisions higher’ are teams like Rochdale, Crewe, Barnet etc.
  • ‘Who is this new player we’ve just signed? Better check wikipedia. Oh, hang on, we’re that low that wikipedia doesn’t have player profiles for us anymore. Better ask marionsboard’. -There’s no doubt that one die-hard County fan has all the lowdown on County’s new striker, Scorey McScoreface.
  • ‘I wonder if we’ll ever get to play in the Johnstones Paint Trophy again?’ – Yep, that Tuesday night away match against Gillingham is looking more and more attractive these days isn’t it?
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 19.27.56.png
‘The good old days’. 
  • ‘Is it weird if I follow all our new signings on twitter? They won’t be freaked out if I tell them to give their all for the shirt or die trying, will they?’ – Yes Barry, it is weird, please don’t put our players off before they’ve even kicked a ball!
  • ‘If we don’t put 8 past Linotype Cheadle Heath Nomads then this season is over!’  – Chill out guys, we can still recover from this.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 19.24.34
‘We want 8!’ 
  • ‘When are fixtures going to come out? I need to plan my Christmas holidays around the Bradford PA away trip!’ – Never fear, the fixtures will be out this Wednesday, learn more about national league north fixtures by clicking here.
  • ‘I wonder how many officials and opposition managers Jim will piss off this season?’ – There’s no denying Jim is passionate and it’s this passion that sometimes sees him fall into trouble with referees or opposition managers. My guess is that 9 complaints this season against officials and 7 against opposition managers.
  • ‘Do you think we’ll ever make it to the first round of the FA cup?’  – No Timmy, the FA cup isn’t a competition that County will ever do well in again, please just try to look forward to the away match at Rushall Olympic and don’t be too sad when we come away with a hard-fought 3-1 loss.
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 19.27.59
Official motto? 

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