Transfer Rumours: Weekly Round Up

It’s that time of year again, where social media and fan forums go into overdrive at the thought of a potential new signing or former player returning. We’ve rounded up a few of the rumours we’ve heard over the past few days.

Rhys Turner: 

Just been released by Oldham and there are some out there who believe he could want to come back and play under Jim & Lordy in a lower division with more of a guarantee of a starting XI place. Besides the former County and Alan Lord connection, it’s a totally unfounded rumour at the moment so don’t expect Rhys to walk through the doors any time soon.


Ben Ledger: 

Currently at Scunthorpe, the 18 year old goalkeeper has recently started following County on twitter. The youngster has been with the Irons since 2009 and is now a regular in the academy squad for the league 1 side. Despite the recent follow on Twitter, there’s been no solid evidence of interest from either party regarding the move.

Sam Ashton, James Dean and Courtney Meppen-Walter: 

The trio for Chorley have all ‘apparently’ been approached by County boss Jim Gannon, illegally, according to Matt Jansen the Chorley boss. County deny outright any wrong-doing. But this won’t be going away just yet and if any of the three Chorley players mentioned above decide to join the Hatters, expect sh*t to hit the fan.

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