New Manager: Who’s been mentioned?

So all rumours mills have been cranked up to the overdrive setting as twitter, Facebook, Yellowboard and County Heaven ponder the identity of our next manager. Here are some of the candidates that fans are mentioning:

Jim Gannon: 

Many supporters sight him as being the only successful manager we’ve had in the last 15 years. That, and the fact he’s clearly passionate for County and managing at a similar/lower level at the moment means it really could happen again. Whether the current board at the club would work with Jim is another story, but if a clash of egos was an issue, then it would be in the board’s best financial interests to put any differences aside.

Mike Flynn: 

One of the best County players of the last few generations. Loved by all fans and currently involved in the club in a coaching setting. This, along with the fact that the club seem to know who they’re going to appoint, could suggest that Mike Flynn will have some role/have the role. Some fans aren’t sure he’d be ready for the position, although look at what employing an experienced, proven manager got us…

As it stands, with the news we have available, it looks like Mike Flynn is the favourite. 

More to be added as news develops…

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