Panic Over! County Won!

Corby Town 0-4 County

Yay! This weekend’s performance was the perfect tonic for last week’s depressing scoreline. Ledsham opened the scoring (bit of a turn around from a few weeks ago when he was seemingly on his way out), Margetts scored twice from the spot and Odejayi shushed the doubters (for a while at least) by getting County’s other goal. Considering Corby are languishing in the relegation end of the table, the result should not be jumped upon as a ‘season defining’ moment. However County fans should spare themselves a smile or two as the difference this week being we actually beat a team we were supposed to, as opposed to losing/drawing.

We’re now 10 points off the top (not bad considering!). No reason to get excited yet, we’re still 8th and out of the play-off places. But you never know, it could lead to a bit of a run in form!

A mention also for Chris Smalley, who made his County debut after joining in defence from Kendal Town.

Starting XI: Arestidou, Morton, Garvin, Smalley, O’Hanlon, Rule, Tonge, Montrose, Odejayi, Margetts, Ledsham

Subs: Evans, Joyce, Cham

Scorers: Ledsham, Margetts (2), Odejayi


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