Solihull 1-0 County

A nil nil draw in this match would have seen nobody bat an eyelid, and from the first 10 minutes it was clear that one goal would have a big say in who won this match. Both defences were incredibly tight and organised, with attackers on both sides struggling to bring everything together in the final third. As it happened, one goal did win it. It’s just a shame in the way that the goal came about.

The first 10 minutes was actually County’s best period of the match, they came out of the blocks quickly and had Solihull on the back foot, a couple of half chances came and went and the large County following muttered words of approval between themselves as it looked as though we were taking the game to the best team in the league.

The excitement of the first 10/15 were replaced, slowly, with apprehension. A feeling which turned out to be a just one. Solihull were by no means on top, but they looked like they could score without actually threatening. County mistakes generally provided the chances, Morton misplaced a number of passes which led to breaks, and the midfield were dispossessed on a number of occasions in areas of the pitch which should really have been avoided.

It was therefore fitting that a mistake proved the decider. A routine ball back to Ormson saw the young keeper dally and get himself in a tangle, and whilst the decision to penalise Ian for handball eventually turned out to be wrong, it was a decision which shouldn’t have had to be made in the first place. The rest, is history. A floated ball into the box from the free kick, an untracked runner heading into an empty net, and a County were 1 down.

The second half passed by almost without incident, County had next to no chances and struggled to break down a defence which have thrived this season on soaking up pressure after taking the lead. Poor play in the final third, however, meant the Moors defence never had much to worry about in the first place.

Any hope of taking some points from the Midlands were almost crushed when Andy Robinson inexplicably got sent off, the feeling from the stands was one of utter bemusement and whilst County more than held their own with 10 men, they were never going to score.

If anything can be concluded from the match, it’s that we’ll challenge for promotion if we can sort our front line out. We are always hard to break down and rarely concede more than 1 in a match. But we don’t currently have that clinical edge to our game. Cham and Baggie could bring it but neither appear to be match fit yet, perhaps they will, but if they don’t, we’re going to struggle with the team we have to break teams down.

It’s also worth congratulating Solihull on their record league attendance, over 1,100 fans attended Saturday’s match.

Starting XI: Ormson, Morton, O’Hanlon, Roberts, Connolly, Ledsham, Baggie, Montrose, Odejayi, Evans, Kirby

Subs: Cham, Robinson

Att: 1,100

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