September was the easy month, they said…

You know when your keeper is the man of the match, it’s not going to be a good day. You should also know by now, that when we play against Chorley, it’s not going to be a good day. Our last 3 games against the Lancashire outfit have all ended in defeats. Not only defeats, however, but defeats without even managing to score a goal.

Today’s game was no different, County players and supporters trudged up the m61 in the hope of something to cheer about in a so far, miserable September. All, however, were disappointed as County provided a lacklustre performance against the Magpies to once again come home with 0 points.

Admittedly, injuries and disruptions will not have helped the team’s rhythm in the first half, but it truly was awful to watch, read or listen to. And although the second half was better, it still wasn’t, by any means, a nice experience. Comparing County’s performance over the 2 halves is like comparing 2 diseases against each other, just because one is worse, it doesn’t mean the other is great, does it?

One day we will beat Chorley, one day…

Anyway, for those of you who want the stats, here they are.

Chorley 1-0 County (Stephenson, 29)

Starting XI: Hurst, Morton, O’Hanlon, Thorniley, Connelly, Roberts, Kirby, Montrose, Ledsham, Odejayi, Hazeldine.

Subs: Evans, Garvin, Gonzales (Ormson & Colley – unused).

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