Hyde Officially Become ‘Cheeky Nandos’ Capital of the UK

So it appears that Hyde haven’t learnt a thing in the past few years. Their ‘deal’ with Manchester City which resulted in a name, branding and stadium alteration drew criticism from all corners of the footballing world. It seemed as though they’d sold out for the sake of a few pennies. Admittedly, those few pennies did help the club get promoted to the Conference Premier, but the withdrawal of said money also played a part in their swift demise which has left them in the Evo-Stik Prem for the coming season.

But the club, which is competing with Macclesfield to become the official ‘cheeky nandos’ club of the UK, have placed themselves in another sticky situation with their shirt and stadium deal which sees the club rename a stand to ‘The Lad Bible End’ and also sees the Manchester-based company sponsor Hyde’s shirts for the coming season. Many see the deal as an ‘endorsement’ of ‘lad culture’, (something which needs to disappear ASAP) and all the sexist attitudes that come with it.

Now many may argue that there are other companies sponsoring clubs that are just as bad, perhaps worse, take the pay-day loan companies for example, they’re exploiting some of the most vulnerable people in society and definitely have no place in the working-class game of football. But there is also no place for an entertainment media company which promotes and has retained a following of people intent on reducing women to ‘wenches’ and will keep reusing that same old ‘get back in the kitchen’ joke.

But… Unfortunately, Hyde have obliged. And so, anyone travelling to Ewen Fields should be prepared to witness the most insufferable stand in English football, The Lad Bible End. Female supporters should also expect a new ‘Wenches Ticket’, which gives  the ingredients to make their male counterparts a sandwich, or something equally as cringeworthy.

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