Twitter Watch: Oliver Martin & Craig Lindfield

Oliver Martin: 

Goalkeeper Oliver Martin has recently started following County on Twitter. There isn’t much information on the youngster at the moment, what we do know is that he’s been at Fleetwood Town on a youth contract and has been in the first team squad at times. Whether this is a coincidence or not related whatsoever, it’s worth keeping an eye on if nothing else. Here’s the Twitter account. 

Craig Lindfield: 

The FC United player is another who’s on the followers list of the County account. Not sure how relevant this is as FC United were looking at keeping the majority of their squad together for the coming season, so seems unlikely that, unless a fee was agreed, Craig would make his way over to Edgeley Park. The 26 year old is a striker who scored 10 goals for FC last season as they won the Northern Premier League.

Read into it what you will. If neither player signs don’t go pointing the finger of blame at me for getting your hopes up. But naturally, if they do sign, I await the inevitable plaudits that will follow…

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