Sign the Petition: Protect Edgeley Park

You’ve probably read the MEN article detailing that an unidentified 3rd party is looking into purchasing EP, this could be a disaster for County and a petition has been set up aiming to ‘protect Edgeley Park’ from unwanted interest. In response to this interest, the local council have brought an emergency meeting forward for this Wednesday aimed at making a decision on whether to put in a council-fronted bid for the ground. Therefore, a ‘yes’ vote by councillors this Wednesday could be the best thing to happen to County for a long time and it is important that County supporters interests and views are represented in a respectable and clear manner. For this reason, I’d urge everyone to sign the petition on and ensure our views are represented at the council meeting this Wednesday. There’s currently 1200 signatures but we need more! 

Here’s an extract from the petition which can be found at this link… 

“I call on Stockport Council to do everything in their power to stop the third party ‘developers’ from gaining ownership, even if it means purchasing the ground themselves. The club is a community asset and it should not be left at the hands of ‘developers’ who have the intention of removing SCFC from their home and knocking down the ground.

This petition is a message to all councillors that the people of Stockport will not stand by and watch one the towns most iconic landmarks become rubble. Edgeley Park = Stockport County”

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