The 10 Types of People You’ll See at Edgeley Park

Edgeley Park is home to a diverse and wonderful selection of people. The only thing that unites the masses is the love of County, but look below the SCFC-loving surface and you’ll see some real characters.

1. The casual – Usually located towards the back of the Cheadle End, this type of person will normally be decked out in expensive designer clothes (Adidas Originals, Stone Island, Fila, etc) and bright white trainers. They normally enjoy partaking in the more explicit County songs and prefer standing to sitting. Guaranteed to be the first ones on the pitch and up for any sort of a fight. The casual maintains a strong social media presence, ensuring a weekly instagram post of what they’re wearing to the game with the caption #Clobber.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 14.49.18

2. The Pop-Siders – Everybody wants to be them but nobody is, this clumped group of individuals are the true die-hards of the Blue and White army. Admired by women and envied by men, they sit dignified and glorious. They will never leave their beloved Pop Side; administration, liquidation and demolition of Edgeley Park would occur before they ever left.

3. The Pure FM Listener – These types of fans are smart. They get the best of both worlds, with one ear listening to the fantastic Pure FM commentary whilst the other soaks in the EP atmosphere. These supporters usually have a smug grin on their face as they listen in to who exactly got the final touch in that goalmouth scramble before proceeding to tell you promptly.

4. The Ref-Hater – This person must have been wronged by a referee in their childhood, it’s the only explanation for their unconditional hatred of every referee and linesman that has ever graced the EP turf. Even the most unquestionable decisions will be greeted with the sarcastic ‘Are you sure Ref?’


5. The Happy-Clapper – This guy will clap absolutely anything, Ian Ormson kicks the ball straight (clap), Scott Spencer holds the ball up (clap), a winger runs forward (clap). You can guarantee that unless the player in question scores an own goal, they’ll be getting vigorous hand support from this guy/gal.

6. The loves-to-moan Fan – I’m not sure what this person does when County are doing well, but they’re definitely louder and prouder when we’re not so great, this type of fan lives to criticise the players. Admittedly, this is more acceptable recently, but there’s no doubting the rehearsed, ruthless, yet witty insults that leave this person’s mouth.

7. The Marionsboard Preacher – This person will give you a weekly round-up of rumours, news and in-the-know gossip straight from Marionsboard, Yellowboard or County Heaven. You may not know or even care about what this person is telling you regarding the latest boardroom change or seeding plan of the pitch, but make no mistake the marionsboard preacher will let you know regardless.

8. The Suits – Found in the executive area of the Danny Begara Stand, these people will turn up 10 minutes late to the game and leave 10 minutes before the end of each half, all in the name of networking, prawn sandwiches and bucks fizz.

9. The Main Standers – To those of us in the cheadle end, the main standers are something of a mystery. Rarely seen up close and rarely heard, they sit in a subdued reticence for the majority of the game, only coming alive when a particularly outrageous decision or offside call has not gone County’s way.

10. The Ground-Hopper – Armed with an expensive camera, this individual will focus less on the game and more on the architecture of the ground. Can be located on Hardcastle Road before and after the game, whilst during the game will usually be pointing the camera away from the pitch and towards the stands and fans.

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