Season Ticket Sales Set to Increase! 

1,200 and it’s not even June? We must be mad. County yesterday announced that the clubs season ticket sales were set to increase on last years numbers. Is this a sign that the club is finally turning a corner? Perhaps. What is in fact more likely, is the current trend of positivity associated with the appointment of Neil Young as manager. It’s worth pointing out that last season wasn’t all doom and gloom with regards to attendance. Our average crowd at Edgeley Park actually increased by 2.5% to 2634 suggesting that the disillusionment sited by a lot of the fans as being a reason to stay away didn’t actually materialise. 

Whilst 1200 is by no means the amount any County fan should be content with (We got 3500+ just 6 years ago), it is a start and hopefully a successful season can mean 3000+ average attendance is reached. God knows that County fans deserve it. Let’s hope that Neil Young can guide us to one. 

Animo et Fide

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