Stockport County Twitter Watch

Twitter can be incredibly revealing regarding football, and in the lower league doldrums it is often the most informative tool for news about the club. So we thought we’d take a sneaky peak at what was going on in the big wide world of Twitter. 

Karl ledsham (@Karlledshaham87)

Recently released by Barrow and has just started following Stockport County, he has also favourited two tweets mentioning County as his next destination? Thoughts? 

Stephen Brogan (@Brogs11) 

Previously a Rotherham player, Brogan is currently at Southport and has recently started following County on Twitter. 

Lando’s kit sale this Monday: 

Richard Landons famous kit sale takes place this Monday for all those interested in grabbing a bargain. 

And finally…  

On this day 22 years ago

County played Port Vale at Wembley in the autoglass trophy, we lost of course. But a few of you may remember this programme? Courtesy of PVFCprogs


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