3 gone in 1 day! 

Tunji Moses, Scott Spencer and Jordan Fagbola have all left the club at the end of their contracts. The three players all seemed to have left on good terms with the club, wishing County the best for the future in statements made on Twitter. 

All 3 were serious contributors at some stage in the season, Fagbola filling in across the defence, who can remember his left footed cross which won us the game in the last minute against Brackley. Spencer won goal of the season this year in what was probably the majority of County fans favourite moment of the season (not much else to cheer about let’s be honest). And Tunji who added that little bit of much needed steel into our midfield, never the player who grabbed the headlines but someone who nevertheless gave his all to County in the time he was with us. 

Not many names have been bandied about so far in terms of replacements for these players, but it seems that Young has sat down with these players relatively early, suggesting he knows what he wants from his team and is working straight away at recruitment. 

Good luck to Jordan, Tunji and Scott in their future away from County. 

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