The Beauty of Hindsight: Issue 2

A lull in news at the moment, so it’s about time another Beauty of Hindsight issue was published. And this one is an absolute gem! Issue 2 features the musings of Tony Evans, the man behind the bid to take control of the club in the summer of 2011. Here’s what he had to say upon his appointment as director. 

 Rumours of signing his mates to play for the club, Twitter polls on who to buy, and famously stating that we would finish ‘top 6, no problem’ all put him in a growing category of jokers and chancers that the club seem to unfortunately attract nowadays. 
The last line in the screenshot above, puts Evans in last place in our hindsight league table. Behind issue 1’s Spencer Fearn and his correct, but unfortunately two-tailed, prediction on the appointment of Darije Kalezic. 

Hindsight rating: 0/10 – We are in the conference north following Evans’ involvement of our club, not the championship. Bad luck, Tony! 

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