End of Season Awards 2014/2015

Despite the slightly underwhelming end to the season, the annual ‘end of season’ awards went ahead as usual. No real surprises for player of the year, Danny hurst deservedly taking the award, with him arguably being the player winning us the most points this season with a string of fine performances. With him in goal next season, we have a solid base to work from. 

Young player of the year went to Chris Churchman, in my opinion he’s sometimes been bypassed in the middle of the park for us, and could really do with a steely midfielder next to him (Think of a Greg Tansey and James Taylor combo), but despite this there is no denying the boy has quality. Over the last 2 seasons there have been numerous long range goals (some lucky, some classy). He’s by no means the finished article, but there’s a reason he’s won YPOTY and not POTY. IF nurtured correctly, he could become a real asset.  

Another award that Churchman could have won was goal of the season, his strike against Harrogate recently could easily have won. I sense that Spencer’s beat Churchman’s to top spot because of the importance (an equaliser vs Chester). If you were to look at atmosphere this season, and excitement within Edgeley Park, I think you’d struggle to find anything near the levels that Scott’s equaliser produced. For a minute we were back in the football league, we were Stockport County and we were proud of our club. I think many would struggle to find a similar feeling from either of the past 2/3 seasons of supporting County. 

It’s worth congratulating Bobby Lofthouse on his Community Player of Year. Community work, especially for a club our size, is very important in attracting the next generation of support and I applaud any player who is willing to help out with that. 

Finally, a congratulations for Dan Powell, he received an award for his YouTube video which captured the bizarre bodyslam incident against Worcester. It’s got over 2 million views at the moment and If you’ve yet to see it (living under a rock), then here’s the link. 


Let’s hope that next years awards dinner is much more joyous, with promotion or an FA cup victory (either’s fine with me) to celebrate along with the usual POTY etc. 

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