Edgeley Park

Information for supporters, both home and away:

General Information: 

Edgeley Park has been Stockport County’s home for well over a century. Capacity is 10,800 (all seated). The ground is strictly no smoking and is surrounded by Booth St car park on one side, Edgeley Park and reservoir on another, and terraced housing to it’s side.

Location & How to Get There:

Edgeley Park is easily accessible by a number of different transport methods. The train station is around 5 minutes walk away, the nearest M60 junction is a few minutes drive away and there are a number of buses which stop on the nearby Mercian Way.  For the sat-nav users amongst you Edgeley Park’s address is below:

Hardcastle Road, Edgeley, Cheshire, SK3 9DD. 

2015/2016 Admission Prices: 

Adults: £15    Students: £10    OAP’s: £10    Disabled: £10    6-17 Year olds: £5    Under 5’s: Free

The Cheadle End: 

The Cheadle End
The Cheadle End

The Cheadle End is the largest of the 4 stands at Edgeley Park, and houses the majority of the home support. The stand is two tiered and was built in 1995. Various offices and club facilities are located below the Cheadle End, including the club shop, the ticket offices, conference and banqueting facilities and the lottery department. A small car park is also located behind the Cheadle End stand, although visiting supporters are not usually allowed access to this area in their vehicles.

The Danny Begara Stand: 

The Danny Begara Stand
The Danny Begara Stand

The main stand, recently renamed to mark the late, great Danny Begara, has been standing roughly in its present form since 1935, where it had to be rebuilt following a fire. The present capacity is roughly 2000 people, which also contains 400 executive seats. Located below the stand are the changing rooms, offices, boardrooms and a bar. To either side are some concessions available to supporters wanting food and drink.

The Pop Side: 

The Pop Side viewed from the Cheadle End
The Pop Side viewed from the Cheadle End

Two Fifths of the Pop Side are designated specifically for away supporters, these two blocks are located towards the Railway end. The other 3 blocks are for home supporters unless specific situations suggest otherwise. The Pop Side currently houses 2400 supporters but used to be twice as large and terraced, which once resulted in 16,000 supporters packing that stand alone.  With seats and a roof, the stand is fairly comfortable and provides a good view. However, a small number of supporters may find their view slightly impeded by the supporting pillars.

The Railway End: 

The Railway End, viewed from the Cheadle End.
The Railway End, viewed from the Cheadle End.

What used to be a wooden and then concrete terrace is now a 1,400 capacity seated stand. The seats were installed in order to comply with rules that stated stadia in the top two tiers of English football had to be ‘all seater’, County were actually relegated from the division the year after, which meant that if they’d have waited, the terraces could have remained. The Railway End is now usually designated for away supporters only, but small followings or poor weather can often mean supporters are moved to the pop side of the ground. Either way, access for away supporters is gained through the turnstiles located at this stand.

Where to drink:

More to follow…

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